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Monday, April 18, 2011

Battery Booster - 5

This project was undertaken for a Solar Lighting System in a 380 apartment complex. The batteries are distill water type 2v 500Ah. The DC system is 48v and uses 24 of these batteries. The backup had fallen from 4 hours to 2 hours over 1 year of usage. Problem of too much acidic odour  & sulphate accumulation on battery terminals also persisted.

After connecting the battery pulsers & over 2 weeks the acidic odour has reduced significantly. The terminals have remained corrosion & sulphation free.  The backup time increased from 2 hours to 3 hours. The installation is under observation for further changes.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3-Phase Electricity Power Saver - 2

Electricity Power Saver installation in an office having 8 Air conditioners and 30 computers. The monthly billing was previously in the range of Rs: 22,000/- to 25,000/-. It has come down between Rs: 20,000/- to 21,000/-

Monday, March 14, 2011

LED Lighting - 1

This LED lighting  with 60LED module was done for a 500 no.s apartment complex in the lower basement. Sunlight does not enter a major part of the the lower basement hence tubelights are 'ON' 24 hours a day. Moreover when the power failed it was very dark (safety issues) until the generator started.

The picture
      1 - taken with the camera flash 'on'.
      2 - taken with camera flash 'off ' & surrounding tube lights 'on'.
      3 - taken with camera flash 'off' & surrounding tube lights 'off'.ie; Battery mode where LED's are lit at the brightest level.

3-Phase Electricity Power Saver - 1

The above 3- Phase Electricity Saver is connected to a Office running 9 Air-conditoners, 40 Computers including 6 Servers which run 24 hours a day. The monthly billing was previously in the range of Rs: 20,000/- to 22,000/-. It has come down between Rs: 18,000/- to 20,000/-

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Battery Booster - 4

Battery Boosters connected to 72V DC Bus 5KVA online UPS. Batteries are rated 12v 100Ah.

These batteries which were working for 1 year from 2008 had the problem of too much acidic fumes/odour. 2 batteries of the set had failed over that time.

When the battery pulsers were connected immediately the LEDs turned RED indicating overcharging. The UPS manufacturer was contacted & the charging voltage reduced. Now for the past 2 years there has been no battery issue. The odour in the room is very minimal.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Battery Booster - 3

Battery Boosters connected to  Electric Buggy. It works on 48V DC. Batteries are rated at 150AH

A resort company had 6 Electric Buggies which has a carrying capacity of 9 people with luggage.

The batteries used were Trojan Trojan Battery Company - imported from US & quite expensive. They failed within less than an years time with bloated containers. Replacing batteries were becoming an expensive proposal, each set cost upwards of Rs: 70,000/-

With the Electric Buggy manufacturer reluctant to solve the problem blaming Battery maintenance, an investigation was started into the issue.

The problem was narrowed down  to the external 48V DC Charger supplied. It was over-charging the batteries with higher voltage (72v) leading to its premature failure.

Had it removed & replaced with custom-made external chargers having voltage & current control combined with Battery boosters attached to the batteries. This has enhanced the Battery life to more than 2 years & still going on.

After many complaints regarding Battery failure, the Electric Buggy manufacturer has been supplying new compact replacement external 48v chargers with voltage & current control.

The batteries from last year have been reproduced locally by Exide for almost half the cost.

Diesel Generator Fuel Saver - 3

The above picture shows Fuel saver connected to Volvo 380 KVA Generator. The Diesel fuel savings are in the tune of 6-8%. The gains are lesser because Volvo uses Electronically controlled direct injection technology. However the engine remains healthier because of lesser carbon accumulation.